The Rocky Chronicles

And so begin, the puppy chronicles. We’ve been looking for a dog for a while and we came across this guy yesterday. He’s about four month old Maltipoo, his dad is a Maltese and his mom a Poodle. He was with a family from the time he was about 12 weeks old, but it turned out that the family was too busy to keep him and brought him back to the breeder.

We went to visit him this evening and ended up taking him home with us. It worked out well because the previous family included all of the food and toys that they had bought for him as well. It seems like he was well cared for, but it just didn’t work out.

So, we’re excited. January 27th is the 10-year anniversary of the night Amy and I met, so it’s kind of a fun thing to be getting a dog together on almost this exact date. We’ll be sharing more of his adventures as we learn more about him and see what he’s like. While we were visiting him before taking him home, he was playful when down on the ground and then he’d sit with us very calmly when we picked him up.

We’re really looking forward to training him and getting to know him better in the coming days. He’s a fun little guy and has a lot to learn, as do we. Here’s a picture of him about 10 minutes after we brought him home. We’re off on an adventure!