Change What You Can

There are so many things in life that simply cannot be changed, why not focus on changing the things we can? It’s a simple question, but not necessarily a simple answer. Firstly, we’re not necessarily aware of the things that we can change.

Either because they have slipped into our lives or we simply don’t notice them. Our tolerance builds slowly as small distractions become prevalent in our lives eventually leading to what seems like a normal life.

Despite not noticing, it’s there. The constant smartphone notifications interrupting our day is something we adjust to–but what is it actually doing? We must consider how our brains are adapting to be able to handle these recurring disruptions.

As humans, we were built to notice things that move off in the distance. To catch the small environmental changes for our own survival–it might be a predator in those bushes.

The tech we use full takes advantage of this, in moving, beeping, buzzing, and popping to capture any amount of our attention that it can. And they’re all competing for that small slice of attention.

So, why not take control of the things that we can control? We can turn off our unnecessary notifications.

We can remove the excess from our homes and take back our spaces. We can actively work to do the small things that matter to us every day.

There are many things in life that we simply cannot control, many outcomes that we might not have liked. But we are empowered to change so much of what can influence those results.

Change what you can, and flow with the rest.